About Us

Who We Are

Oktobfearfest™ is a mashup of Halloween and Oktoberfest. This season doubles down by combining the traditions of these two celebrations to create something new and exciting, yet familiar and fun.

Oktobfearfest is

  • Skeletons dancing the polka
  • Zombies in lederhosen
  • A macabre biergarten
  • A ghostly harvest festival
  • Chicken dancing witches
  • Strudel flavored candy treats
  • Goblins gobbling bratwurst (also known as Halloweiners)
  • Black cats screeching in German
  • Every scary person, creature, or supernatural being ever created, enjoying the celebration
  • And any other combination of characters, dancing, food and drink, costumes, makeup, decorations, stories, music, or songs that says “Oktobfearfest!”
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